Carpet Buying Guide: A Full Spectrum of Colour Choices

carpet buying guide

One of the biggest benefits of choosing carpeting as a flooring option is that it’s available in nearly every colour you can imagine. This makes finding a carpet colour which complements your existing colour scheme easy AND rewarding!

Also if you’re feeling adventurous you can choose a colour which contrasts with your existing décor and colour scheme to make a real design statement. Read on for our advice on carpet colour considerations brought to you by Award Carpets – the Gold Coast’s leading carpet specialists.

Our carpet colour tips and advice:

1.    Cooler colours like green, turquoises and blues create a feeling of extra space in smaller rooms and help create a calming effect.

2.    Warm colours like red, orange, maroon and yellow help to make a room feel cosier and also lift the energy in the room. They can however in smaller rooms make the space feel more closed in.

3.    Use neutral tones like grey, beige and white to create a relaxing natural earthy feel.

4.    Consider using darker carpet colours in high traffic areas since these can be more forgiving when it comes to showing up dirt or any other marks. Very lighter colours are most suited to lower traffic areas such as bedrooms.

5.    If you have patterned furnishings prevent an interior design clash by avoiding patterned carpet. If you have plain coloured furniture, patterned carpet styles can create a real design feature in the room.

6.    Choose a slightly darker colour of carpet than what colour the walls of your home are to avoid the room feeling washed out. It will also provide a sense of solidness and foundation.

7.    When carpeting large areas remember the colour can appear darker than the sample and more intense. Consider going with a slightly lighter shade for larger rooms.

8.    Don’t try to match colours with the paint or furnishings as it can make a space look overly rigid. Consider having 3 slightly different main colours in the room for the walls, floors and furniture.

9.    Remember to see colours for yourself rather than just looking at colour samples on the internet or looking at photos. Pictures rarely capture or do justice to the exact shade of the carpet.

We hope you found this carpet buying guide useful. Come and see us here at Award Carpets for assistance with your carpet shopping and to see the spectrum of styles and colours in full. We’re at 1/73 Lawrence Drive, Nerang and we look forward to seeing you in-store soon.

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