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Carpet Buying Guide: A Full Spectrum of Colour Choices

carpet buying guide

One of the biggest benefits of choosing carpeting as a flooring option is that it’s available in nearly every colour you can imagine. This makes finding a carpet colour which complements your existing colour scheme easy AND rewarding!

Also if you’re feeling adventurous you can choose a colour which contrasts with your existing décor and colour scheme to make a real design statement. Read on for our advice on carpet colour considerations brought to you by Award Carpets – the Gold Coast’s leading carpet specialists. Continue reading

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The unfortunate truth about vacuuming


Do you despise vacuuming? Many people do, but unfortunately it’s a basic necessity in maintaining your carpet. Vacuuming will also help keep your carpets clean and free from unpleasant dirt, dust and even microorganisms like mites and fleas commonly take refuge in dirty carpets. If you’re someone who dislikes vacuuming this may be an unfortunate to hear. The good news is that it only takes a few minutes and makes up 90 per cent of your maintenance responsibilities as a carpet owner. Since we believe all carpet deserves to be looked after and continue to look its best, here are some guidelines to help owners when vacuuming carpets. Continue reading

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Commercial Flooring: Choosing floors for different business types

commercial flooring

When it comes to flooring, different businesses will want to consider different types of flooring depending on their industry. Here at Award Carpets we supply and install a wide range of commercial flooring options to suit many different industries and types of businesses. There are many considerations that a business owner will want to make when deciding on a flooring type that will be practical and suitable for their enterprise, which our team share in our latest blog post. Continue reading

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Bizarre carpet facts. Your carpet has a weird history!

carpet making

Award Carpets on the Gold Coast supply flooring for every need. We install commercial flooring as well as home flooring solutions including laminate floors, sensational bamboo options, carpet and vinyl. We know all there is to know about flooring. We provide an excellent range of options, an outstanding professional service, and we are always ready to offer you advice and information. Speaking of information, carpet has a very long history and there are some very strange facts that you knew. Let’s take a look at some of the more bizarre carpet facts, just for fun! Continue reading

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How to choose the right texture for your Gold Coast carpet

carpet styles

Different carpet textures suit different home styles. When choosing carpet for your Gold Coast home, there are a number of options. To be sure you are selecting an appropriate option it is a good idea to speak to a professional. We can make sure that your carpet will stand up to the demands of your home and be a long lasting investment. Below are some of the pile options available and a quick outline of what each one means. Continue reading

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We answer all of your Gold Coast flooring questions

flooring samples

Installing new flooring is a great way to keep your Gold Coast business looking fresh and vibrant. There are quite a few things to think about when choosing both a service company and a new floor. We are always happy to chat and offer advice about your installation. Here are some things to consider, and if you have questions give us a call.
You can reach us on: 559 65344. Continue reading

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Is laminate right for your flooring needs?

laminate floor and three white chairs

Laminate is a great option for flooring on the Gold Coast. It is spunky, cost effective, and hard wearing. Laminates also come in a range of style and colour options.  Below is some handy information to explain what laminate is, how it is made, and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing it for your flooring. Continue reading

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Bamboo, BamBOOM! Eco-friendly flooring and food for pandas

When you are weighing up your flooring options there is another player in the game for you to consider. These fine days it is not just a matter of selecting carpet, Gold Coast living makes all sorts of flooring options viable. Bamboo flooring is a super option for a sustainable eco-friendly floor. Yep, it’s renewable so you don’t need to worry about the pandas; you won’t be laying their dinner down on your dining room floor. Continue reading

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Benefits and Appeal of Eco Friendly Carpet

At Award Carpets we are committed to providing modern flooring solutions that use the latest technology to provide homeowners the ultimate level of comfort and practicality. In today’s blog post we will examine the benefits of Eco friendly carpet, and the Godfrey Hirst Eco + range with its growing appeal as an ecofriendly alternative in the flooring market. Continue reading

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View our carpet and flooring specials!

If you have been searching for the best carpets and flooring solutions on the Gold Coast, you have come to the right place. For many years, Award Carpets have been providing our customers with a wide range of flooring solutions at an affordable price. It is this experience, understanding and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers that has built us such strong reputation in South-East Queensland. In today’s article we will put the spotlight on our new specials page, and answer some questions that we quite often get from our consumers. Continue reading

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