Bamboo Flooring Gold Coast

Bamboo is a great renewable flooring resource

Bamboo floors are renowned for their unique appearance, their superior strength and their sustainable composition, ensuring that it remains amongst the worlds most treasured styles of wood.

Bamboo flooring measures in at 1.5cm thick, and is classified as a premier solid hardwood. The flooring is renowned for being hassle-free, as it comes pre-finished with 5 layers of the durable polyurethane, which has is of course free of all solvents. This pre-finish is topped off with an addition two layers of the Aluminium Oxide based German Klumpp finish.

Bamboo floors are highly durable.

One of the primary resons bamboo flooring has seen so much success is due to its unique physical properties. The bamboo floors are resitant to moisture, highly stable and near resitant to stress factors such as the expanding and contracting that can occur as the surrounding temperature changes. The beautiful floors combine aesthetics with functionality, as they are easy to work with and maintain. They are also widely used due to:

  • Stunning Facade.

    Bamboo floors have the ability to transform any room depending on the rooms deisgn and your desires. Whether you wish to lighten your room with a blonde hue or create a darker look with a morrocan coffee shade, there will truely be a floor that is perfect for you.
  • Versatile Nature.

    Bamboo flooring is truely unique in that it can be isntalled in virtually any home or office environment. If you have currently have carpet, wooden floors or even cement flooring, then bamboo flooring is perfect for you. The material is designed to be easily installed over nearly any surface with minimal interference.
  • Benefits of Bamboo.

    As the stunning flooring is able to be installed having already had its finishes applied, you will not have be burdened by additional sanding or waiting periods before you can use the floor.

Award Carpets Gold Coast supplies quality flooring that meets high manufacturing standards from carpet and vinyl to laminate and Bamboo floors. We have only trusted suppliers, who all follow strict quality control processes.

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